Lost in space

Bruit, textes, musique parfois, Lost in Space se propose chaque dimanche de 21h à minuit sur les ondes FM de vous surprendre, vous plaire ou tout simplement passer trois heures de voyage sonore.

Pour retrouver les disques passés chaque semaine, consultez les playlist de cette page. Vous pouvez tout aussi bien courir acheter des vinyls auprès du fournisseur officiel de l’émission, La Cellule Records

Saison 03 - Episode 20

- No Tears - Possession

- bal paré - metamorphose (discog)

- Bauhaus - Hope

- De Volanges - Sweet Times Burn

- Opéra Multi Steel - Toujours Ces Chants Toujours ces chants aussi lents soient-ils En se glissant le long de tous les métaux découverts Et mirer la main qui maintient cette fourchette, ce couteau Pour aller encore plus haut, plus haut... (suite)

- Rosa crux - Aglon

Interlude - FJ Ossang - Hiver sur les continents cernés

- Die Bunker - Josephine

- Clock DVA - Buried Dreams

Interlude - lionel marchetti

- Guerre froide - Demain berlin

À l’instar de quelques groupes français apparus à l’aube des années 80, Guerre froide s’est inscrit d’emblée dans une mouvance post-punk / cold wave. Rapidement, le groupe a su imposer son atmosphère musicale répétitive et hypnotique tantôt agressive, tantôt lancinante, sur laquelle le chant vient poser des paroles empreintes de visions à la fois existentielles et poétiques, traversées de critiques sociales, voire politiques. (suite)

- Mathematiques modernes - A+b=c

Interlude - monty python

- No Tears - Robert’s Eyes

- The Chameleons - Swamp Thing

I can already hear your tune Calling me across the room When the world and his wife Are on my back again Not enough pleasure Too much pain (suite)

Interlude - colin campbell

- the legendary Pink Dots - the collector


- And Also The Trees - Scarlet Arch

- Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi’s Dead

- Orchestre Rouge - Soon come violence

- modele martial - devil

- Siglo Xx - Individuality

Siglo XX was a Belgian Coldwave,Darkwave and Gothic rock group from Genk active from 1979-1989. The group’s sound was influenced by Joy Division and Factory Records. Siglo XX was one of the more well-known Belgian coldwave bands and by 2010 was considered to have been a key influence on the Belgian music scene.The group’s name in Spanish means "twentieth century". It can both be pronounced as Siglo Iks Iks or as Siglo Veinte and reportedly stems from an anarchist movement during the Spanish Civil War and/or a Bolivian mine named Siglo XX that was the scene of social unrest (suite)

- Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - The Mercy Seat [7" Version]

It began when they come took me from my home And put me in Dead Row, Of which I am nearly wholly innocent, you know. And I’ll say it again I..am..not..afraid..to..die.

I began to warm and chill To objects and their fields, A ragged cup, a twisted mop The face of Jesus in my soup Those sinister dinner meals The meal trolley’s wicked wheels A hooked bone rising from my food All things either good or ungood.

And the mercy seat is waiting And I think my head is burning And in a way I’m yearning To be done with all this measuring of truth. An eye for an eye A tooth for a tooth And anyway I told the truth And I’m not afraid to die.

Interpret signs and catalogue A blackened tooth, a scarlet fog. The walls are bad. Black. Bottom kind. They are sick breath at my hind They are sick breath at my hind They are sick breath at my hind They are sick breath gathering at my hind

I hear stories from the chamber How Christ was born into a manger And like some ragged stranger Died upon the cross And might I say it seems so fitting in its way He was a carpenter by trade Or at least that’s what I’m told

Like my good hand I tatooed E.V.I.L. across it’s brother’s fist That filthy five ! They did nothing to challenge or resist.

In Heaven His throne is made of gold The ark of his Testament is stowed A throne from which I’m told All history does unfold. Down here it’s made of wood and wire And my body is on fire And God is never far away.

Into the mercy seat I climb My head is shaved, my head is wired And like a moth that tries To enter the bright eye I go shuffling out of life Just to hide in death awhile And anyway I never lied.

My kill-hand is called E.V.I.L. Wears a wedding band that’s G.O.O.D. `Tis a long-suffering shackle Collaring all that rebel blood.

And the mercy seat is waiting And I think my head is burning And in a way I’m yearning To be done with all this measuring of truth. An eye for an eye And a tooth for a tooth And anyway I told the truth And I’m not afraid to die.

And the mercy seat is burning And I think my head is glowing And in a way I’m hoping To be done with all this weighing up of truth. An eye for an eye And a tooth for a tooth And I’ve got nothing left to lose And I’m not afraid to die.

And the mercy seat is glowing And I think my head is smoking And in a way I’m hoping To be done with all this looks of disbelief. An eye for an eye And a tooth for a tooth And anyway there was no proof Nor a motive why.

And the mercy seat is smoking And I think my head is melting And in a way I’m helping To be done with all this twisted of the truth. A lie for a lie And a truth for a truth And I’ve got nothing left to lose And I’m not afraid to die.

And the mercy seat is melting And I think my blood is boiling And in a way I’m spoiling All the fun with all this truth and consequence. An eye for an eye And a truth for a truth And anyway I told the truth And I’m not afraid to die.

And the mercy seat is waiting And I think my head is burning And in a way I’m yearning To be done with all this measuring of proof. A life for a life And a truth for a truth And anyway there was no proof But I’m not afraid to tell a lie.

And the mercy seat is waiting And I think my head is burning And in a way I’m yearning To be done with all this measuring of truth. An eye for an eye And a truth for a truth And anyway I told the truth But I’m afraid I told a lie.

- No Tears - Your White Face With The Red Lips

- The Chameleons - Monkeyland

- The Legendary Pink Dots - the safe way

- madrange michel - NO UNAUTHORIZED - Fraction Armée Rouge (1980)

- And Also The Trees - Impulse of Man, Paris 1986

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