Groovy Town

Le jeudi soir de 21h à 23h

groovy town le 9/10/2014

1-archie bell and the drells"strategy"

2-johnny Hammond Smith"tell me what to do"

3-kool and the gang"hollywood swinging"

4-sweet charles"soul man"

5-james Brown"i don’t want nobody to give me nothing"

6-mr confuse"hold on"(funkanomics remix)


8-esther williams"i’ll be pleasure"

9-mr confuse"why can’t you see me"(the uptown felaz remix)

10-harold Melvin and the blue notes"bad luck"

11-el coco"le’ts get together"

12-chromeo"jealous"(exmag remix)

13-lone"aurora northern quarter"


15-up high collective"dealing"

16-maison française"you and i"

17-michael Jackson"love never felt so good"(dj fudge remix)

18-kavinsky"nightcall"(giddy’s chicago vice remix)

19-basement love"tokyo beach"

20-coldplay"midnight"(phones 4AM remix)


22-tom trago"shutters"

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