Groovy Town

Le jeudi soir de 21h à 23h

groovy town le 23/10/2014

1-isaac hayes"ike’s rap 2"

2-tom scott and the la express"sneakin the back"

3-lalo schiffrin"jim on the move"

4-billy brooks"fourty days"

5-juice"catch a groove"

6-freedom"get up and dance"

7-the whole darn family"7 minutes of funk"

8-ralph mcdonald"jam on the groove"

9-banbarra"schack up"

10-roy ayers"brother green"

11-magic disco machine"scratchin"

12-herman Kelly and life"dance to the drummer’s beat"

13-lucy Hawkins"gotta get out of here"

14-schoolboy"collar greens"(jeftuz remix)

15-rufus"sundream"(hayden james remix)


17-pomo"work it out"

18-kaasi"lucy stone"

19-saint pepsi"fionea coyne"

20-boys get hurt"your love"(nsfw remix)

21-glen check"pacific"(les loups remix)

22-tryezz"high tides"


24-casio social club"feels right"


26-trentmoller"le champagne"

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