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groovy town le 20/11/2014

1-curtis Mayfield"tripping out"(butterfunk edit)

2-otis redding"sittin on the dock of the bay"(dj twister edit)

3-danny hunt"what’s happening to our love affair"

4-zapp and roger"get up"

5-exmag"give it to me right"

6-nana love"hang on baby"

7-club privé"club privé"

8-los charly’s orchestra"black joy lane"

9-john davis and his monster orchestra"disco fever"

10-saturday night band"keep the lovers dancin"


12-mikos da gawd"shake"

13-elaquent"almost there"

14-reggie b"addictive"

15-sango"middle of things"(stwo remix)

16-bybo funk"we are a starship"(a very special reeno remix)

17-the magician"sunlight"(darius remix)

18-rasmus faber"sand castle"(ra-ben and Joey Delacroix remix)

19-jade"don’t walk away"

20-kyogi"not good enough"(jean tonique remix)

21-louis la roche"ghost"


23-oliver"memories of the future"

24-akabu"i’m not afraid of the future"

25-raven maize"the real life"(Joey negro remix)

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