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playlist du 4 septembre 2014

disco trooper 1- the herbaliser "crimes and misdemeneaous"(g bonson remix)

2-the Jackson two "oh yeah"

3-dust brothers "33 god"

4-vicky d "this beat is mine"

5-dr packer"luv ya lady"

6-basement freaks "soul intoxication"

7-j boogie’s dubtronic science"go to work"(hot toddy remix)

8-thelma Houston "saturday night , saturday morning"(john morales remix)

9-diana ross "the boss"(john morales remix)

10-jlouis"scenic route"

11-marattack "Arizona"

12-sunni colon "temple"(starro remix)

13-tom misch "risk"

14-lone "2 is 8"

15-le nonsense "tonite"

16-mr flash "domino part A"

17-daft punk "prime time of your life" (atom remix)

18-the nightriders "secrets"

19-daze "leaning off your love"

20-discodeine "singular"

21-jensen sportag "bellz"

22-prins thomas "blusjketuta"

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