Groovy Town

Le jeudi soir de 21h à 23h

groovy town le 13/11/2014

1-the philly armada orchestra"for the love of money"

2-willie beaver hale"groove on"

3-t connection"funky lady"

4-family tree"family tree"

5-hiroshi fukuma"hunt up wine"

6-joe Bataan"sadies"

7-midnight star"hold out"

8-lisa stanfield"can’t dance"(snowboy club mix)

9-john davis and his monster orchestra"i’ll be music"

10-imagination"in the heat of the night"(night dubbing mix)

11-tensanke"first song"

12-drake feat jhené aiko"from time"(atu and sango edit)

13-evil needle and rihanna"pour it up"(ducan gerow mashup)

14-dinosaurus rex"in your eyes"

15-evil needle"summertime"

16-replay the funk"say what"

17-the paradise"in love with you"(ohyeah remix)

18-stardust"music sound better with you"(fare soldi remix)

19-rayko"time and space"

20-waldemar Schwartz"la taza de oro"

21-seahawks"look at the sun"(prins thomas sweet surprise mix)

22-bxentric"foolishness"(vocodub mix)

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