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Groovy Town le 6/11/2014

1-hypertension"one night woman"

2-razzmatazz"the story of how the funky bassman saved the world"

3-donna mc ghee"you should have told me"

4-exquisite taste"it’s you that happening"

5-boogie down edits"all night"

6-forrce"keep on dancing"

7-boogie down edits"diamond with back"

8-rufus with chaka khan"secret friend"

9-unfinished business"out of my hands"

10-cashmere cat"wedding bells"(phazz remix)


12-melo x"handle it"


14-denzel curry"threatz"(promnite edition)

15-kyogi"not good enough"(jean tonique remix)

16-stevie Wonder"superstition"(C2C remix)

17-oliver and alex "metric galaxy"(la felix remix)

18-daft punk"harder better faster"(edward newgate remix)

19-todd terje"delorean dynamlite"(disco remix)

20-abakus"lights dub"

21-todd terje"oh joy"(disco mix)

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